Chancellor College, Zomba (Chirunga) campus opened in 1973 by the amalgamation of three colleges, namely, Chancellor College (Chichiri campus), the Institute of Public Administration at Mpemba, and the Soche Hill College of Education. The legacy of providing a liberal arts education which has its roots in this amalgamation continues today. The 40th anniversary commemorating Chancellor College at Chirunga Campus will take place on Thursday, 13th June 2013 (8.00 am to 2.00 pm) at the Great Hall Complex. This occasion, will not only celebrate four decades of knowledge generation and sharing but also serves as an alumni re-union. The commemoration will be highlighted by networking sessions, sharing of memories of the years and moments gone by, entertainment of choice by the alumni and many other events of common interest.
All Chancellor College alumni, including those that graduated from original campuses are invited to this auspicious alumni reunion.

All alumni, have memorable experiences of Chancellor College worth reminiscing. The unique architecture of long corridors at the foot of Zomba plateau, overlooking Lake Chilwa and the imposing Mulanje Mountain in the horizon add to the memories over and above academic excellence in research, teaching, learning and outreach. This anniversary will mark the beginning of an annual Chancellor College day for alumni reunion and the showcasing the College’s achievements.

While celebrating 40 years at Chirunga Campus, alumni and stakeholders may propose commitments to the University by creating a fund that will support student scholarships and construction of lecture theatres and hostels. Alumni, stakeholders and participants are encouraged to register by completing an online registration form available here. The form can also be made available by email on request.

For inquiries, please contact Nita Chivwara on 01 524 017/ 440/232/187 during working hours or at .

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