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The Centre for Educational Research and Training (CERT) was established in 1991 as an autonomous institution of the University of Malawi. CERT was until 1995 a Ministry of Education/University of Malawi Project funded through the World Bank Second Education Sector Credit. After 1995 CERT became fully incorporated into the university system as one of the research centres under the Faculty of Education.

CERT carries out policy oriented research and consultancies in education to inform the Government in particular the Ministry of Education, donor agencies and NGOs interested in education and related fields.

CERT conducts research and evaluation using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and has extensive experience in participatory research methodologies, modelling of education data using simulation models; analysis of large and complex data, evaluation and impact studies.

CERT endeavors to keep Educational planners and the public well informed on key issues of education in Malawi.

Among the many pressing problems in Education Sector, CERT intends to investigate the following issues from 2000 and beyond: Quality of primary and secondary education, Effectiveness of primary and secondary schools, Financing of education, Private schools:realities, illusions and visions, Determinants of achievements at primary and secondary levels, Local community participants and school governance-what lessons do we learn?, The illusive teacher education in Malawi and its impact on Schooling, Resource allocation within schools and its effect on learning, Class size and impact on achievement, Educational management information systems, Multiple shifting in schools- possibilities and the way forward, Teacher effectiveness in diverse school climate, School development, School mapping, Human rights, Education and democracy, AIDS and education, and The role of tertiary education.

Mission Statement
CERT aims to:- Develop educational research and training Programmes for researchers, Conduct and promote educational research and training in Malawi, Disseminate new and improved educational techniques and practices and Act as a cleaning house for ideas and information on matters relating to education in Malawi.

Collaborating Partners
USAID, DFID,British Council,World Bank, IDRC, ERNESA, Rockefeller Foundation,FEWE,University of Bristol(UK),University of Sussex(UK) and Kobe University(Japan).

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