Teaching Staff in the Department of Economics
  The Department of Economics is actively engaged with teaching, research, consultancies and outreach. The following is the list of Teaching Staff in the Department of Economics. Further information for each Staff Member can be found by following their links.

 Dr. Winford Masanjala (PhD (Economics) LSU, MSc (Economics), Pg Dip (Pop Dev), ISS, BSoc Sc, UNIMA)

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Winford Masanjala is a senior Lecture in Economics. Prioto that he was seconded to Government where he worked as Director of Economic Affairs (2010-2012) and Secretary for Energy and Mines(2012-2014).
His Research interest are areas of Health Economics, Infrastructure Economics and Development. He had thought courses at graduate and undergraduate levels and supervised for PhD Students

 Dr. Spy Munthali (MA, BSOC)

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Dr Spy Mbiriyawaka Munthali is the Head of Economics Department at Chancellor College. He has taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Environmental Economics and Health Economics in the fourteen years spent in the University. He is specialized in Health and Institutional Economics. He obtained his PhD from Rhodes University in South Africa. He has developed special skills and experience in Costing and Resource Tracking through conduct of National Health Accounts (NHA) for Malawi, National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) for Malawi, Development of Micro-health Insurance for Africa and related Evaluation studies in the Health Sector. His current projects include evaluating Mother, New-born and Child Health activities in Malawian communities, Costing of the unsustainable use of natural resources in Malawi under the Malawi Poverty and Environment Initiative and the HIV Health Systems Strengthening study in conjunction with the Royal Tropical Institute of Netherlands.

 Mr. Robert Neba (Bachelor of Commerce(Accounting) 1992, Diploma in Business studies (1978), MBA( Pending))

Lecturer in Economics
Diploma in Business studies Polytechnic 1978
Bachelor of Commerce ( Accountancy) Malawi Polytechnic 1992
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2010. Employment:
Malawi Posts & Telecommunications 1978-1979 Government Servant
Commissioner of taxes Department 1979-1981
Graham Carr & Co 1981-1984
Malawi National Examinations Board 1984- 1995 Assistant Finance Officer
Malawi Institute of Education 1995-2004 Director of Finance
University of Malawi, Chancellor College 2004 Lecture Department of Economics.
Married 1978 with five adult Children.
Proprietor of Hi- Profile Business Enterprise in Zomba Consisting of Business College and Secondary School.

 Dr. Levison Chiwaula (MA , University of Malawi, Bsc (Agriculture) University of Malawi)

Lecturer in Economics
Dr Levison Chiwaula is a Senior Lecturer in Economics. He holds a PhD from Leibniz University of Hannover, MA and BSc from University of Malawi. He teaches Microeconomics, Econometric, Agricultural Economics and Health Economics. Presently, he is serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Science at Chancellor College.

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